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first IOS+Android Common Connecto

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the feature


Applicable for both lightning and micro USB devices


10 times more durable than regular wires; Better reinforcement with extra leather cover

Charge & Sync

Support both fast data transfer and 2.4A fast charging

Environmental Friendly

Halogen-free TPE is used as opposed to PVC

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LMcable is a simple yet perfect solution to break the barrier between lightning and micro USB. LMcable is the ONLY CHARGING CABLE YOU EVER NEED!

About lmcable

What is it

LMcable is the world’s first cable containing a 2-in-1 connector that can work on both micro USB and lightning devices. It supports both fast data transfer and 2.4 A fast charging.

How does it work

LMcable combines the function of lightning and micro USB together into one simple and innovative connector. You can use it just simply like you use the common charging cable. One side of the connector is for device with lightning port (like iPhone) and the other is for device with micro USB port (like Android phone).

Why choose LMcable

LMcable is applicable for both micro USB and lightning device. Wrapped with leather, the colorful and exquisite style allows a unique touch and personalization. The brass buckle belt allows you to coil your LMcable neatly so that it would never left in a tangled mess. LMcable is stylish, durable and convenient. It is the only cable you ever need for your mobile devices.





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